3 years, 3 bar managers

My job hunt took me to work in a hotel in Manchester.
I immediately hit it off with the bar manager, who we will call mark. we flirted for a while, he asked me out on a date…to the cinema. Now I love a good movie don’t get me wrong but it’s so awkward for a date. Can I put my head on his shoulder? If I get scared am I allowed to hold his hand? Far to complicated for my liking. Mark became my new ‘friend’ without any benefits. We spent my birthday together at the park feeding the ducks, I would go round to his house after work at 1130pm and sleep in his bed. And nothing. I had to ask him to kiss me. The ‘relationship’ lasted about a year. I went travelling, under the impression that we would pick things back up on my return. WRONG…on my return he was shacked up with a new girlfriend.
Time for me to move on.
So another year, another bar manager.
Now, this one was married. Then they got separated and he moved on with me. For a week. The less said about that one the better.
And my third bar manager, absolutely lovely guy, but…he was slightly older, wanted to settle down, gave me a key to his house after being together for a week. PSYCHO!
So in about 3 years, I had dated every bar manager from my place of work. It was time for a break, the next manager was a female….


It’s off to Cardiff I go

So off to university I go, Cardiff my city of choice. Grab myself a nice welsh boy??? Well….not exactly.
So the virginity went at 18 years old. Quote possibly the worst experience of my life. A guy from halls, after it occurred I caught him in my new best friends room, getting 2nds. Oh well time to move on. So no dates occurred at university, lots of one night stands, meeting guys on the walk back from a club, going back to theirs, walk of shame at 7am. And same again the next night.
Now, it wasn’t all fun and games, I did meet a guy, we will call him Owen, who I really did fall for. He did nothing at all to entice me, he was just a lovely rugby player. Not the most attractive but I’ve never been all about looks.
Anyway, a few nights spent at his after 3am booty calls, and I discover that he has a girlfriend at home. Brilliant. Oh well, on to the next one.

After, 3 years of one night stands, pints of snake bite. It was time to head back to reality. Get a job. And find a relationship…..



Date number two… The group date

So before I ventured off to university at the ripe old age if 18, date number 2 was on the cards.
James and I met through mutual friends. We had arranged to meet at a well known pub chain close to where we both lived.
It was arranged that Stacy would pick me up and take me to my date and enjoy a drink with jane in the same place.( It’s always handy to have back up. ).
So the date began, it was going ok, there wasn’t really any physical attraction but the more I drank, the more that changed. It would appear during the date, Stacy had phoned Steve who turned up with a few friends to watch the date.
After the conversation dried up the date became a group night out. Took the pressure off but not so romantic. Needless to say, we were destined to just be friends.
Stacy drove myself and James home, and I fell asleep on James due to being rather drunk, really attractive. I got a kiss goodbye, and that was about it.
For the next 9 years, James and I became friends with benefits. The last occasion of these benefits were at our mutual best friends wedding I was chief bridesmaid, he was best man. Needless to say I hadn’t needed to book a room.
So we did not spark a romance but we do get to see each other a lot due to our friends being married – great! May the benefits continue 😉


So it begins…date 1

I was 17 years old, some may say a late bloomer. I was at college and worked at a local supermarket. This is where my dating life began. A date arranged by a mutual colleague, between me and the home shopping guy, we’ll call him mike. So mike and I had arranged to go out, somehow we were already boyfriend and girlfriend (ah to be young). The destination of our first date….meeting at the bus station and getting the bus to the…..hospital! Yes that’s right he was taking me to his hospital appointment. So we arrived he, we went to get some food, he had crisps. the way he ate that bag will haunt me forever. open wide, chucked them down hes neck and basically licked the bag clean. he got called in for his scan and I spent my first ever date, sat in the waiting room, by myself, with nothing but the vending machine for company. About an hour passed and out he came, ‘how did it go?’ ‘Fine’ said mike. I believe these were the only words we spoke throughout the date. And back on the bus we went holding hands, nervously waiting for the other one to talk. Neither of us did. So we went our separate ways from the bus station with a kiss goodbye. On the journey home, a text was sent to mike explaining that this relationship wasn’t working BUT I hope his scan results come back ok. So my first date, turned into a week long relationship, where we met up once.
So the 192 bus journey and hospital weren’t exactly a great way to start, however, they can only get better ……


Little bit of background

I come from a family of serial daters. My mother and both sisters have spent a vast majority of our lives on the dating scene. So I guess you could say the urge to date is hereditary/genetic.
From the age of about 4 years old, the games begin. He threw mud at me. Does that mean he likes me? He pulled my hair? Does that mean he likes me? And I’m afraid to say it does not get any easier to figure it out. At the ripe old age of 27 I am avidly dating, online dating, blind dates. With so many options I’m sure you find a mate, right?
Well if previous dates are anything to go by I’d say no. From hospitals to donut shops, the list goes on.